A number of businesses I have worked with are quite happy to start with a content plan but honestly, as a business, if you really want to grow online, you need a strategy. It’s not enough to post content once a day, 5 days a week. A good strategy is imperative for marketing success.

Some of the things to consider in a strategy are to audit your current social media presence. Are you on the right social media platform for your business? In marketing, it is important to position yourself and your business where your target audience is. When an audit is carried out on your page, you can identify if your brand is resonating with your target audience. You can see clearly what you are currently doing and how you can improve.

Another important part of a strategy is to make SMART goals. Where would you like to be in 6 months? How many connections do you want to reach? How many leads a week would you like to reach out to? Do you want to automate or keep going manually to achieve your goals? What about an ad spend? Don’t forget your email marketing.

Time used on your social media efforts should be considered. Is it time as a business to get someone to do your content or can you schedule them ahead? A content calendar highlighting events in each season will be super helpful. You can plan marketing campaigns around events such as Valentine, Easter and Christmas. Your social media strategy needs to be robust enough to cover all these and more.

Lastly, do not ignore reporting. Without reviewing what you have done regularly, you cannot confirm if you are having a return in investment. Using social media effectively is not all about the numbers of followers but more about the engaged followers. Keeping them engaged with your content is important, getting them to buy from you is important and with consistency, a great brand image and a good strategy your business is sure to experience success.

As the year draws to an end, you might want to have a strategy for 2019. It’s now the best time to have a good one written down that will guide your marketing efforts in the new year.

Here is a Strategy Document I will be using for 2019. I designed this to work for small businesses like yours and it is quite easy to complete. Use it as a guide on a quarterly basis. Let me know how you get on.

Download it here;


You can also book a free 15 minute call here with me to discuss your business and how you can get leads and sales via social media.


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