So I started out as a Virtual Assistant and then niched to Social Media Management a little over a year ago. It has been an interesting journey, not without its ups and downs. I have learnt quite a number of lessons about what social media marketing can accomplish and what it can’t.

  • Social media can grow your business, but it requires patience, it requires discipline and it requires consistency. Personally, unless you are just starting out and you don’t have a budget to hire a Social Media Manager or Digital Marketer, hire one. It will save you a lot of time to focus on growing your business.
  • Most people think they know what social media marketing is about but they really don’t. A number of people I have spoken to, went on a free course and felt quite capable to run it themselves. There is actually a lot you will miss from getting an expert’s help and support to run this for you. As a social media manager, I have to learn the latest trends, learn what is working now and also keep tuned to what changes might come in future amongst other things.
  • Huge numbers of followers does not translate to high turnover. Some businesses are local, but then have a huge following in China, or some other country. Unless your business is online or can go online, there is no benefit in having huge followers from a country you have no prospects in.
  • Advertising has to be strategic, what is the goal of your advert, be aware of what you want to achieve from your ad spend.
  • Have a plan of what your social media marketing should look like. Have it written down, even if it is in your own handwriting. Seeing clearly what your plan is ensures you can tweak it if something doesn’t work and keeps you consistent.
  • Have an ad budget. Put aside a budget monthly, quarterly or yearly of what you are willing to spend on advertising.
  • Post content people want to read. Post relevant content. Share your content.
  • Be real and authentic, don’t be a copycat

Do you do your own social media marketing? What has worked for you?

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