A few months ago, I was talking to my sister. She runs a business and has a Facebook Page for her business. She has a a few people that like her page. She assumed that every post she made there was seen by all her followers!

I now had to explain the Facebook Algorithm to her. I also explained that Facebook is a business and they need to make money. She was so surprised.

So what is the Facebook algorithm, Facebook considers all the data people have and show them what they want to see. In order for your posts to have a wider reach, your content has to be great. But, even with great content, Facebook is a business, your advertising makes them money.

You may have noticed by now how very few people like or comment on your posts on your Facebook Page. Sometimes, the numbers of views are so low and sometimes they are high but people just ‘waka pass’ your posts. However when you post on your personal page you get so much more reaction from it. Well, this may be about to get worse ?.

At first, Facebook created a separate feed for pages, where you can only find your posts on that feed. Now Facebook is trialling out in a few countries, showing your posts on a separate feed. Organic feed may be about to end. What these means is that, as a Facebook page owner, you will need to advertise your posts for them to be seen. If you do not have an advertising budget, it’s time you look at the numbers and make one.

What a number of small business owners go on to do is just use their personal page to run their business. This increases your reach but word of caution; when Facebook finds out this is what you are doing, you might have some issues. Your page could be pulled down. I am certain you don’t want that to happen.

Do you want to know how to optimise your page for growth? Contact us to know ways you can leverage Facebook and other Social Sites to grow your business.

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