When we all start our businesses, we want to grow as quickly as possible. We think about how much our product or service will help people or other businesses.

We then go on to announce our venture to the world. We have seen other business owners post on Facebook, Instagram and you know that it works for them but, you only hear crickets. No one is connecting with you, no one wants to purchase your product and you start to doubt yourself.

The truth is it’s not your brand that is the problem, its how you are marketing it, how you are telling others about it on social media.

I am going to share with you below my 6 keys to business growth on social media.

  1. Consistency – Keep posting content even if you do not get responses, just tweak what you already do. Stay consistent with your brand message. Let your audience know what your brand is about and be able to identify it. Ensure your posts represent your brand.
  2. Stay Current – Keep up to date with the trends on social media. Know the latest tools for creating content and use them. Social sites are regularly changing their policies, algorithm and on the social sites. Be aware of these changes and how it will impact on your marketing effort.
  3. Use one or two sites – this is for small businesses. Use the best social site for your business, you do not need to use all the social sites.
  4. Target Audience – Know your target audience. This will determine your content, your social site and even times to post on social media.
  5. Engage with your audience – For both positive and negative comments, respond. Know what your audience wants by asking the right questions to tease it out of them and practicing social listening.
  6. Be patient – Results from social media marketing could take time. Posting content regularly could ensure you have results quicker.

If you will like a social media strategy for your business, to give your business exposure and to get new leads, contact me today by email iyete@ezrelasocial.co.uk.

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