I have been working on Church Social Media for some time now and learning a lot about what works and what doesn’t. With businesses, social media is about getting new business and sales and engaging with clients. Churches are quite similar except for their aim is to reach out to the lost and engage with current members.

A lot of churches mainly post about their pastor or their programs. Church social media has to be more than that. It has to make an impact and be a blessing. I think Church content should point people towards God and also be interesting and shareable. I believe content should enable people to engage and feel like part of something bigger than themselves.

I have put together a list of posts that can be used on church social media pages and hope you find them useful.

? Share an image with a bible verse

? Share an image of your pastor with a quote from the last sermon/message

? Stream service live on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube

? Share flashback photos from past church events

? Ask church members to write out Bible verse with emojis

? Share a video of choir or music ministry or special guest ministering.

? Share pictures of community outreach projects.

? Ask church members to share what Bible verse is ministering to them right now.

? Run a Bible quiz with a giveaway

? Share a testimony either video or text with image

? Share a one-minute video from the last sermon

? Share a Salvation story

? Share a Christian article or blog

? Do a live video of your pastor inviting people to church

? Share flyers from your events

? Share a story with a moral lesson

? Ask people what books they are reading

? Review a book written by your pastor or any other book

? Share a review of a Christian Movie

? Ask people to share their prayer points.

? Share a post appreciating a volunteer in the church

? Share your music list from last Sunday’s service

? Share a post promoting a guest speaker

? Share a post or video from a Christian comedian

? Share a video where you interview a member and how the current series or monthly theme has impacted their lives.? Share content from a church you work with or is a part of your ministry

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